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Ebates provides free rebates when you shop online. It doesn't cost anything and the money you receive is free!

What an easy way to support Trinity. You can set up your account to donate your free money rebates automatically to Trinity and never have to think about it again!

Step 1.

You MUST sign up for an account by clicking this button

Step 2.

When you reach the site by clicking the button in step 1, click on the "Join Now" button in the top right corner

Step 3.

Enter your email address, and a password you will remember and click "Join Now"

Step 4.

You are automatically logged in. Top right you will see your login, hover over it and the menu will drop down. Click on "Account Settings:

Step 5.

Click "Add Address"

Step 6.

Fill in the address like this and click "Submit"

Step 7.

You're registered! Here is the email you will receive. Make sure you "Get the Button" and follow the steps.

Step 8.

Start shopping! When you land on an ebates qualified site, click the pop-up to activate the site for cash back

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