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As Christians we must bear in mind that politics has a place in our lives but we should not let it dominate our actions, relationships, or priorities. Political affiliation is not our identity. We are to be Christians first in thought, word, and deed. We should take political engagement seriously for the sake of the kingdom, to seek justice, to defend the defenseless, and to love our neighbors all stemming from our identity in Christ.


Check you are Registered to vote


Click Here:


Not Registered?


Complete a voter registration application here:

or if you are an NC DMV customer register online here:

If you miss the deadline to register which is 25 days before the election, you can register during Early Voting at a site in your county

Voter Registration Deadline (10/9 at 5 p.m.)


Vote-by-Mail (Absentee Ballot)


You can begin the process to vote by mail right now. Play it safe: don’t wait until the deadline to request or return your ballot. Request your ballot now, and vote and return your ballot as soon as you receive it.

Deadline to request your ballot: 5 PM on Tuesday, October 27
Deadline to submit your ballot: 5 PM on Tuesday, November 3, 2020


Step One - Request an Absentee Ballot

(1) Complete your Absentee Ballot Request Form through the new State Board of Elections Online Portal or download and print your Absentee Ballot Request Form Here.

(2) Complete and sign the form digitally or by hand. 

Include your phone number in case something you write is hard to read.

(3) Return the form via the online portal or to your County Board of Elections Office by mail, email, fax or drop it off at your county board of elections, or an early vote site once early voting begins.

Absentee Ballot Request Deadline (10/27 at 5 p.m.)


Step Two - Receive and Complete your ballot. 

(1) Complete your ballot

Your county board of elections will mail your ballot to you, beginning September 4, 2020. Complete your absentee ballot in the presence of one witness. Have your witness complete and sign the witness certification. If you receive assistance marking or mailing the ballot, the assistant must fill out the voter assistant certification.

(2)  Insert the ballot into the return envelope.

(3)  Return your ballot

  • By mail to your county board of elections, postmarked on or before Election Day, and received by 5 p.m. November 6.

  • By commercial courier service (DHL, FedEx or UPS)

  • Dropped off in person at your county board of elections office by 5 p.m. Election Day (November 3)

  • Dropped off in person at any early voting site in your county during voting hours

Absentee ballots must be returned or

postmarked by Nov. 3, Election Day.


If you are unable to use the online portal or to download and print an absentee ballot request form, you can request your County Board mail a blank form to you.


Early Voting

Beginning 19 days before the election, all NC counties must open at least one location where citizens can vote early. Any voter in the county can use any of the Early Voting sites in the county. You do not need an excuse to use Early Voting.

Early Voting site lookup

Early Voting runs from Thursday, October 15th – Saturday, October 31st. All counties have every weekday of Early Voting open.  Many counties also offer extra Saturday and/or Sunday hours.

If anyone needs assistance at any step of the process we can help.

Email and we will get you support!

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