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You will receive a warm welcome, starting outside with our greeter. Inside, one of our ushers will provide you with a service bulletin containing the readings, the Psalm and the Gospel and information on the pages of the Book of Common Prayer and the Hymnal. Feel free to sit wherever you feel comfortable as all seating is open. Many of the congregants, especially seated nearby, will introduce themselves and will help you during the service.



Our beautiful church sits on 3 acres. It is traditional and has a warm and inviting main worship floor as well as a basement level for educational classes and fellowship. Restrooms are located on the basement level

Our service lasts an hour and is traditional with standing, kneeling and verbal participation  as you follow along with the Book of Common Prayer. At the "Peace" congregants greet each other followed by a collection and communion

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Episcopal Services

Trinity is host to an inclusive and diverse community. What binds us together is our love and respect for each other and the strength of our faith. We welcome you with open arms.


If in the past organized religion has failed to capture your mind and soul, broken your heart or your spirit, or made you feel excluded, we have a place for you at Trinity. 


If you want to know more, understand more, examine and strengthen your faith and put it to use in the world around you, you have found a home in Trinity.

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